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Anu Karippal's Ethnography: Human-Elephant Relationships in Kerala

Since meeting Anu Karippal at the first Interface Summer School in 2021, I have the pleasure of staying in regular contact with her and following her inspiring journey. Besides making excellent homemade chai - the secret is in the ginger - she is also a gifted anthropologist!

I would like to take a moment to draw our communities attention to Anu Karippal's prize winning MA thesis in Anthropology and Sociology: "Back Then It Was Culture, Now It Is Animal Torture: Moral-Phenomenological Milieu of Human-Elephant Entanglements in Kerala" published by Graduate Institute Publications, Geneva.

Want to read more into this fascinating topic? Check out the interview Anu Karippal recently gave here:

"Anu Karippal grew up in the biodiverse state of Kerala, India, where elephants are more than conspicuous. In her master dissertation, she critically examines human-elephant relations amidst the bigger debates on animal rights, the emergence of elephants as a flagship species of conservation, and concerns regarding elephant captivity..."

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