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Sarah Helena Keller


Sarah Helena Keller is currently in her Bachelors studying Social Anthropology with a minor in Indology at the University of Zürich. 


From age 10 to 15 Sarah travelled around the world with her mother and lived among local people of varying social and cultural backgrounds in over 10 different countries. Back in Switzerland Sarah’s professional career started after finishing her 3 year apprenticeship at an international impact investment company called responsAbility Investments AG. There she worked full time as a Transaction Manager based in Zürich for Fair Agriculture investments in Africa and Eastern Europe. During this time she had the opportunity to learn indepth about diverse sustainability and development topics, investment procedures and the complexity of local legal and political contexts. After leaving responsAbility Sarah decided to work in the area of Adult Education at Migros Klubschule as an Assistant Product Manager before starting her own studies. 


As a student Sarah aims to use her personal and professional experience to critically approach academia to understand what practical training students need to become engaged anthropologists. She is interested in bridging the distance between academic and engaged anthropology through innovative and co-creative learning environments as well as by creating lasting feedback-loops between practicing anthropologists, educational institutions and students.

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