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Among the collaborative forms of engagements that promote non-hierarchical exchange in the process of creating knowledge are initiatives on providing and supporting spaces where members of academia and the larger public come together to share their works and experiences, and learn from one another.

In 2012, the Philippine Studies Network (PSN) in Switzerland was formed at the University of Lucerne to support the exchange of information and resources between researchers within and outside academia. Since then, PSN has partnered with Noi-P, a group of friends in Switzerland who explore their roots, notions of cultural heritage and understandings of the Philippines.

In 2021, a new platform, studiyo filipino was formed by three independent contributors to promote nuanced discourses and better understandings about the Philippines. In 2022, studiyo filipino is launching events towards these goals. Among the activities is a workshop at the University of Lucerne on May 7, 2022 where students from different universities in Switzerland will learn to effectively and meaningfully communicate their research works and studies with the larger public.

The workshop, "Connecting Lives: Co-creating Spaces of Communication",  is a collaborative project of studiyo filipino with the Interface Student Forum, and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Lucerne with funding support from the Universitäre ForschungsschwerpunktWandel der Familie im Kontext von Migration und Globalisierung” (Family Change in the Context of Migration and Globalisation).


We will announce details on the workshop program, registration, and related events following the workshop before the start of the Spring semester of 2022. Please check the website of the Interface Student Forum by then.

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