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When: 7th of May

Duration: The whole day

Who: Free for all students and open for everyone interested, registration needed


Event connected to: "The Philippines in the World", 21.05.2022 

Have you ever asked yourself how to best communicate with other fellow humans and shape relationships with diverse people? How do we share and transform knowledge and create ongoing conversations with the communities scientists work with? And how do we communicate our knowledge of people’s  lives in relatable and accessible ways to wider audiences and publics outside of the university?


About the Workshop: In this three stage interactive workshop we will learn how to communicate effectively from a position of personal awareness and in light of the knowledge of the audience. In the first stage we address the challenge of connecting to the experience of others by finding resonance in relation to meaningful connections to places and personal history. In stage two we use the experience of belonging to learn how to listen attentively and identify sensorial mobility (emotions of connection and adjustment) . Through attention to memorable and transformative or challenging moments we create awareness of the contingencies of our own belonging. In stage 3 we use video elicitation and participative filmmaking to respond to the work and migration challenges of a Filipino woman in Switzerland. We embrace video as a tool for revelation, authentic communication and attunement -prompted by Kurt Vonnegut’s rules for a short story-to create accessible and relatable dialogue. In conclusion we will draw on our experiences and previous public anthropology in Switzerland  to plan communications for our current and future research and public engagement. 

Organisation: The workshop is a collaborative project of the Student Forum together with studiyo filipino (more informations also on this website), a Switzerland-based platform that promotes enabling and innovative exchanges about the Philippines, and with the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Lucerne, with funding from the Universitäre Forschungsschwerpunkt "Family Change in the Context of Migration and Globalisation".


Requirements: This workshop is also a unique opportunity for students interested in sharing their current, ongoing, and planned studies and projects, whether related to the Philippines or not. Some examples for topics we are interested in include but are not limited to migration, mobility and topics in transnational studies. Students with different compelling thematic studies and interests are also encouraged to participate. Anyone who likes to experience a co-creative workshop on how we can expand our skills and understanding and create a mutually satisfying experience as we communicate what we study is welcome to join. Furthermore, a team of anthropologists at the workshop will offer enriching insights on anthropological perspectives, especially the social and cultural dimensions, in communicating with other fellow humans in diverse contexts of exchange. The resource persons are from the Interface-Commission. For more Informations about them visit their profile pages on our website: Shabih Zaidi and Mike Poltorak

Connected Events: The training and discussions take place in connection and collaboration with the following event in Zurich on the 21st of May:

The Philippines in the World

Symposium for everybody who is interested in Philippine issue. A day and place to connect again. 

This symposium will be an opportunity for participants of our communication-workshop to apply what they have learned in the workshop. This is on a voluntary basis and more information will follow during the workshop.

Prior to this symposium a Workshop on Mapping Philippine Material Culture with SOAS University of London on the 20th of May is taking place at the Völkerkundemuseum Zürich. Participants need to register for this workshop separately. To do so, please send an Email to

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