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Mô Bleeker

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Mô Bleeker, independent advisor, graduated from Fribourg and the IUED/IHEI Geneva.

During her last post at the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, she acted - among other - as Special Envoy for Peace in Colombia, Chair of the Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission-TJRC in the Philippines, Chair of the Prevention Platform Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes -GAAMAC. She specialised in issues of historical memory, prevention and reconciliation. In each of her diverse professional contexts, she engaged in horizontal reflection to generate the elaboration of joint new conceptual approaches and correspondent emergent policies, initiatives and adult learning methodologies in Switzerland and abroad; be it as one of the co-national secretary of the Solidarity Movement with Central America, with women asylum-seekers, with marginalized adults, with professional working in the field of addiction and Aids prevention, in the field of inter-culturality, in development  Cooperation, humanitarian assistance or more recently through the promotion of peace, human rights for the FDFA (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, FDFA). 



 Some few elements of a reflection process that continues

-       Prevention of genocide  

-       Dealing with the past

-       Prévenir les atrocités: vers de nouveaux paradigmes?


and a few other:

-       Circle or Spiral: Reflections of an anadromous salmon, page 247-260, in Mae Luiza Building Optimism, Lars Muller Publishers, Zurich, 2021ãe-lu%C3%ADza-building-optimism

-       Exils et résistance : éléments d'histoire du Salvador : café rouge sang. Paris, Louvain-la-Neuve, Genève, Ed. l'Harmattan , CETRI , CETIM, 1995

-       Dimanche à Yaoundé, éditions la Sarine, 2003, Jean Luc Cramatte, Charles Henri Favrod, Mô Bleeker

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