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Lea Helfenstein


Lea Helfenstein studied cultural sciences with major anthropology in her Bachelor in Lucerne. She is a member of the SAA Board as the student representative of the german speaking students in Switzerland. Since she is participating in the „Begleitgruppe-Asyl“, a group of people who help refugees with important paperwork and organise exchange meetings, she is interested in topics related to migration and integration. She is also interested in questions concerning the effect economic decisions and mechanisms have on people’s lives. This includes topics like desaster capitalism, philanthrocapitalism or funding of global health.


She believes that making students work visible and facilitating network and exchange initiatives will have a valuable impact on anthropological engagements. Together with Sarah Keller Lea thus launches the Student Forum, an organization with the aim of connecting, networking, exchanging and collaborating with and amongst anthropology students in Switzerland.

As part of the Interface Ascona Summer School 2021 Lea arranged a creative student competition. The outputs of this competition and the Summer School are visible on the Page of the Student Forum.   



Student Forum

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