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The Student Forum is a platform for all anthropology students in Switzerland. It's aim is to connect, network, share and inspire. Students from all over Switzerland are creating informative content and are engaged in various fields. Every creative content is welcome, want to try something new? Just do it!

Create a film, podcast, poem, an essay, a photo collage or even a dance performance and then share it through our Student Forum.

Let's make our efforts visible!

How it all started...

In summer 2021 the first INTERFACE Summer School was held in the charming town of Ascona. The topic "Anthropological Engagement Beyond Academia" spurred a multitude of conversations among us students and during those 5 days new individual and collective visions emerged. Inspired by our new found alliances we (Lea and Sarah) decided to create the student forum: a platform to bridge and connect anthropology students across Switzerland. We want to incentivise broad-spanned collaborations and creative projects that show anthropological engagement.

"...Students have great ideas that need to be nurtured and finding a community of practice can support us to take the next step on our personal, professional and academic journey! ..." 

Check out the Blog posts on the Interface site.

Have some anthropology news or other content you want to share with our growing community?



We want to co-create learning environments where we deeply engage with knowledge in an applied setting. 


A workshop should create a vehicle for learning and unlearning together. We believe learning is a non-linear process and we should always be open minded so we can also reassess what we think we know.


Our aim is to appeal to different disciplines.


Being open to learning through various approaches and modalities

Image by Hannah Busing

Meet Our Members

Send us an email if you want to join the team:

Our Partners

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