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Clara Koller-Lang


Clara Koller-Lang is a social anthropologist who is currently working on her PhD project on Philippine migrants in Switzerland at the University of Lucerne. Her project with the working title “Balikbayan Boxes and Bank Accounts: An Anthropological Account of Transnational Exchange between Switzerland and the Philippines” is funded by a Doc.CH of the SNSF. Her research interests include migration, care, remittances, and globalization. She focuses on the Philippines, on migrants in Switzerland and Germany and on transnational relations. 


She obtained a Master of Arts of the University of Lucerne in World Society and Global Governance in 2016. For her MA thesis she did fieldwork with an ethnic minority in the Philippines. For her BA she studied cultural anthropology and African studies (major) and communication (minor) at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. She wrote a BA thesis on action anthropology and participatory rural appraisal.

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