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Actract: a Call for a Transformative Anthropology, Sign Up For the Charter!

How do we respond to societal and environmental global crises and engage with social transformation both within and outside academia? In this 21st century, the enormous scale and extent of social inequalities and ecological devastation prompt us to revisit the relevance and positionality of anthropology as a discipline and a societal project.

Drawing on initial conversations hosted by the Interface Commission in 2022, the Ascona meeting aimed to take stock of and scrutinize contemporary practices. Hosted by the Interface Commission at the Centro Incontri Umani in cooperation with EASA leadership, we discussed the need and possible avenues for a transformative anthropology in troubled times not least in the context of the triple planetary crisis, structural inequalities and conflicts. The meeting led to development of a vision and charter for transformative anthropology, which we offer as a basis for debate and future action in Swiss and European institutional contexts.

The charter proposes both core values as well as action commitments which you can view from the links below. And see hereby our video that calls for ACTRACTion!

Stay tuned for next steps and updates including further engaging and dialogue on proposed values and action commitments.


Video & Multimodal Charter Design Booklet by EthnoKino

Charter Drafted and Signed by:

Dr.Peter Bille larsen

Dr.Doris bacalzo

Dr.Ana Ivasiuc

Dr.Eda Elif tibet

Prof.Tobias haller

Dr.Roberta colombo

Kylian Henchoz

Dr.Claire vionnet

Dr.Alexandra oanca

Blog Post by Peter Larsen, Doris Bacalzo & Eda Elif Tibet.

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