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Aqui Thami is a indigenous artist, academic and activist from Darjeeling currently based in Mumbai. Having seen a glimpse of Aqui's work you will see that the above titles cannot do justice to her and her communities continual labour of love in service of women, children and other neglected social groups.

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Aqui has a MA in Dalit and Tribal Studies, is currently pursuing a PhD all whilst running a number of national and international art and community projects such as Dharavi Art Room, Bombay Underground, and Sister Library.

Through her multidisciplinary and collaborative artistic practice (printing, magazines, making art, enacting performances, ceremonies, food, photography) she is committed to creating safe spaces that centre feminist epistemology and life stories of people, places and practices that exhibit histories of marginalisation and resistance.

Aqui Thami at the University of Zürich

I would like to thank Zentrum für Literarische Gegenwart for organising yesterdays event here in Zürich, where we had the honour of being deeply moved and inspired by Aqui Thami's personal life story and vision.

PS: Dear readers do consider on supporting the fundraising campaign of this travelling feminist project "Sister Library" by donating the price of a cup of tea: "...In 2018 we travelled to different parts of india and realised that reading women meant so much to so many people. We want to make a library which is a safe space, that is inclusive and inspirational. a permanent physical space that raises feminist consciousness..."

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