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Brown Bag Lunch with Project (In)visibility at the Wyss Academy For Nature

Passing the mic for change!  ☄️

The omission of diverse voices from hashtag#conservation education is a challenge we can no longer ignore. The dynamic duo, Samirah Siddiqui and Tasnim E., are tackling this head-on by centring plural voices from around the world and enriching the narratives that shape conservation practices.

Tasnim and Samirah are going to be with us at the Wyss Academy in person for a brownbag lunch and to present their winning idea “Project Invisibility” which received the innovation award for the future of conservation, by Luc Hoffman Foundation (today known as Unearthodox). 

The event will be hybrid, and we will be most pleased if colleagues from the hubs can also join us for a virtual yet inspiring lunch together.Those closer and around please come by to Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern at Kochergasse 4, 3011 Bern. 4 JULY 13 CEST.

Learn more about their groundbreaking initiative and how it is aiming to transform academia and conservation NGOs in this interview: Amplifying underrepresented voices | Unearthodox


Online Meeting Link:

4 july 13 cest

Microsoft Teams

Meeting ID: 384 113 720 955

Passcode: eXA5j9

Organiser E-mail:


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