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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Ascona Summer School 2021 The Ascona Interface Summer School: Anthropological Engagement beyond Academia June 7-12, 2021 ABOUT THE PROGRAM During the five-day course, students will be interacting with practitioners engaged in various forms of applications of anthropological knowledge to address social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental challenges. Participants will discuss and reflect on a wide range of critical topics and case studies of local, global, and international engagements informed by anthropological analysis, research, theory, practice, and critique. The course involves a horizontal modality of learning where students, together with practitioners, are encouraged to explore, reflect upon, and further develop their individual or collective projects of anthropological engagement. The Summer School, the first of its kind in Switzerland, aims to offer an enabling and non-hierarchical learning environment through presentations, discussions, group work and exercises. For this year’s program, highlights include: issues of violent conflict and processes of transition and transformation from authoritarian regimes to liberal democracy; doing and learning from collaborative practice-based research in addressing discrimination in Switzerland; exploring methodologies and ontologies in alliance-building through co-creative multimodal media engagements; and confronting ethical, methodological and epistemic questions in situating an ethnographic practice faced with tensions and contradictions between engagement and advocacy. Recommended reading materials and related resources will be provided before and during the Summer School. REQUIREMENTS 1. CV and a motivation letter not exceeding two pages (1.5 line spacing, 12-point font) in English, German or French. 2. Application letter to include but not limited to: (a) Experience on what you consider as practicing an engaged anthropology, (b) Own ideas or project plans on practicing anthropology beyond the academia and why it is important to you, (c) Related questions you would like to ask on the discipline but have not asked before. Application results will be announced on May 15th. Credit points: 3 ECTS credits // Places: 12. Open to advanced Bachelor students and Master students from all universities in Switzerland. All food and lodging costs are covered except transportation. For more information on the Interface Commission (IFC) and other upcoming events, visit: For enquiries:

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