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dissonance and multiple memories in the (World) heritage field

Bringing anthropological ideas to webinar on...., “Dissonance on World Heritage, Multiple Voices with Different Memories”, in the series on the Heritage Interpretation.

Date: March 25 Time: 10 AM UK, 12PM South Africa, 7PM Korea [Zoom] [YouTube]

As an extension of the discussion in the first webinar about the values that were overlooked by the World Heritage Convention for the last 50 years and the need for the new approaches to protecting World Heritage, we now try to talk about dissonant heritage.

We will discuss the nature of the dissonance in heritage and navigate through collective memories entangled in the World Heritage. Who decides which issues to address, what approaches to use? Can conflict in heritage be prevented? Is the dissonance only negative in heritage?

The webinar will be provided through the Zoom platform, and will also be live-streamed on YouTube for those who are not in the Zoom-friendly environment. Either way, it does not require a registration to watch. It is an interactive discussion, so please join our webinar and leave your questions or thoughts for a deeper discussion!

And if you missed our first webinar, “New Approaches to World Heritage Conservation: World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation”, you can still watch it here:

See you all on Thursday!

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