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Engaging critically with the SDGs: free download

Check out our recent piece co-authored with Tobias Haller and Ashish Kothari!

Sanctioning Disciplined Grabs (SDGs): From SDGs as Green Anti-Politics Machine to Radical Alternatives? Peter Bille Larsen a, *, Tobias Haller b, Ashish Kothari c

The universalist ambition of the 17 Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and 169 targets as a global plan of action for people, planet, prosperity and peacebuilding deserves analytical scrutiny from multiple angles. While the SDGs are largely heralded as a paradigm shift compared to their predecessor Millennial Development Goals (MDGs), we argue that four fundamental dynamics undermine or severely hamper SDGs as a game changer to address the deep-running sustain- ability challenges facing the planet.

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