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EthnoKino Film Festival Belonging Bern 30.09 /1-2.10

BREAKING NEWS! Jetsun Pema, the sister of Tibet's spiritual leader the 14'th Dalai Lama, will be attending EthnoKino film festival in person, for the World Premiere of her film "Amala" ,directed by Geleck Palsang on the 30th of September 2022.

The programme can bee seen and is downloadable at our website . Don't miss out this joyous and meaningful festival of 22 film screenings and Q&As dedicated to visionary filmmakers and visionaries followed by our other formats; VISION TALKS withh Jetsun Pema, Gary Martin, Home for Humanity. MASTERS IN BERN with Prof.Christian Suhr Nielsen ,MUSIC by Anil Aksoz and Loten Namling , a DOC IMPACT LAB with Mike Poltorak and Eda Elif Tibet.

For more information on the Doc Impact Lab see


In a world of immense connections and interactions, there is; love, hatred, compassion, apathy, rage, forgiveness, war, peace, conflict and resolution. And within all of that, between the lines; there is BELONGING. A common YEARNING to understand and to make SENSE of the biggest MYSTERY in this world: LIFE. Finding one’s own place within the making of it, the magnificence of all ART forms that is to LIVE. A deep LONGING to BELONGING.

In our second edition of the EthnoKino Film Festival “BELONGING”, we have curated films telling stories on how human beings’ recurring sense of homing in and homing out to one’s own self and to each other, to the family, tribe, society and wider global community, are versatile yet quite alike.We will travel around the globe and look into what belonging truly means in its full humanity and it’s wholeness.

From forcefully displaced populations into Europe and beyond, to those who are born strangers to their own lands, of those still becoming, entering into womanhood, and of those lovers of life , in or out of romance, separations, walls , and those into unifying and uniting. Those visionaires into movement co-creations, change-makers; into transforming their societies.

Our film festival takes place on the 30’th of September and 1-2 October in our home cinema Kino in der Reitschule. Ensuring a catalytic atmosphere, we encourage dynamic encounters among various backgrounds of people coming from all walks of life via an inclusive and diverse learning, sharing and creative space creation. EthnoKino is once again ready to host multiple events during our festival followed throughout our seasons in Film Screenings, Q&A’s, Masters in Bern, Vision Talks, Vision Talk Shows accompanied by gastronomical and musical events and a newly introduced fully-fledged Doc Impact Lab followed by an Online Mentorship for Doc Incubations.

Download PDF • 2.57MB

AMALA tells the story of the Dalai Lama’s younger sister Jetsun Pema, her struggles, loss and success that earned her the epithet Amala ‘mother’. Using rare footage from her historic visit to Tibet in 1980, the film also gives insight on the state of education inside Tibet. After her sister died, she took charge of the Nursery for Tibetan Refugee Children in a small town in northern India. Under her leadership, the nursery transformed into one of the most successful Tibetan refugee schools – the Tibetan Children’s Village schools (TCV) which she has been the president of for 42 years.

Jetsun Pema will deliver a VISION TALK before the screening on her life long work, protecting and empowering generations of exiled Tibetans, reflecting on the issues of displacement, dedication, compassion, and belonging.

The film screening will be followed by a Q&A and musical performances by Loten Namling and Anil Aksoz aka DJ "SEL ET POIVRE"

The first day of the festival 30 Sept starts with an Apero at 5PM by Ali Baba (our one and only gastronomy sponsor).The event starts at 6PM, Film Screening at 7PM.

EthnoKino your cinema of the commons is purely dedicated to visionary storytellers and visionaries. We issue no tickets, it is kollekte based and is open for all public.You are all most welcome to join us in this auspicious day!=)


Dr.Eda Elif Tibet

Curator EthnoKino Film Festival

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