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ETHNOKINO:vision talks


Saturday 19 June | 17:00 - 19:15 | Frauenraum Reitschule

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A performative creative discourse by visionaries from around the world, Vision Talks will make use of various storytelling modalities based on real-life experiences. On stage, speakers will connect with the audience by presenting their ground-breaking visionary projects and inspirational perspectives on life. The event concludes with a panel discussion and Q&A moderated by Eda Elif Tibet.

Rama Mani & Alexander Schieffer: Home for Humanity: How on Earth Can we Co-Create Home on Earth?

Martina Wiedemar & João Almeida: The Gandum: It takes a village to regenerate


Peter Bille Larsen: Visibilising Rights and Voices in Engaged Heritage Work

Murat Toy:

HA​BITAT TV: A New Living Space for Documentaries

Pavel Borecký: Why the World Need Anthropologists: How to Mobilize our Discipline for Social Impact?

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