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Responding to COVID-19: anthropological engagement in times of crisis

Featuring as the opening panel at the recent SEG annual conference, Interfacers

Susie Riva and Peter Bille Larsen invited Ehler Voss and Janina Kehr from the Curare Corona Diaries Project, Marco Nardone, a sociologist from the University of Geneva, and Joerg Moehrle from the University of Basel’s Swiss Tropical Institute to present different aspects of the pandemic. The panel opened the annual SEG/SEE 2021 conference and was virtual. This year’s conference theme aimed at revisualizing the field and witnessing movements in globalized societies. Within this context of inquiry, the round table elicited a conversation asking, “How are anthropologists responding to and reflecting upon the COVID 19 crisis? And what can we learn from different forms of engagement?”

The Curare Corona Diaries project brought together over 100 diaries from anthropologist all over the world. Susie Riva participated in the project. Here is the link to her blog: <> ‎

Sociologist from the University of Geneva published a book about COVID-19, that can be accessed online in both French and German. Joerg Moehrle who works with the Medicines for Malaria Venture in Geneva reminded us that the malaria pandemic continues to take many lives even if the COVID-19 pandemic is front and center, getting the world’s attention. Here is the link to MMV:

The virtual conference allowed us to gather online in what has increasingly become a “glovircal” lifeworld. Here is a screen shot of some of the participants. If we live in times of COVID info overload, the meeting also demonstrated the importance of continued engagement and inputs from anthropologists.

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