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Deuniversalising Design: Engaging Indigenous Youth in Designing Across “Worlds”

Our Interfacer Jenny Bentley and her colleague Twisha Mehta will be holding a keynote presentation at the Swiss Design Summit, Counterparts: Exploring Design Beyond the Human on the following topic: Deuniversalising Design: Engaging Indigenous Youth in Designing Across “Worlds”.

Their Keynote Presentation is on Friday 29th of October, 13:00-15:00pm:

We wish them all the best on their upcoming presentation and look forward to learn more on the productive interactions between Design & Anthropology!

"In a series of workshops with Indigenous youth we developed design tools that will allow them to design their own “products” to enhance the quality and thus also the income of ecotourism. Such products include curated interpretation centres, narratives, guided tours and workshop activities. Besides generating livelihood and contributing to the conservation of biodiversity, the aim of the project was to empower them to create their own “ways of being” (Escobar 2018), to transport their ancestral knowledge and worldings into the modern tools of tourism along their own terms. Our experimental skills transfer project intends to enhance their capacities to claim design and contribute to the conversation. With the workshop – and a continued interaction through training sessions and other communication forms – we challenge “authentic” and “appropriate” ways of knowing and practising design, and propose alternative ways of seeing and living in the world that can interact and enhance each other. "

--> For More on their Research with Indigenous Youth:

Swiss Design NetworkBentleyMehta
Download PDF • 32KB

--> For More on SDNS22:

Calll for Contributions - SDNS22
Download PDF • 85KB

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