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INTERFACE colloquim: Engaging with futures

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

A Colloquium at the Cross Cultural Centre Ascona

Organised by the Interface Commission

This colloquium gathers Swiss based anthropologists engaging with partners and audiences beyond the academy. It will expand the multiple forms of engagement, knowledge practices and the ways in which anthropological theory and ethnographic insights are mobilized. Our aim is to imagine new futures for engaged anthropology in Switzerland and beyond. As sources of inspiration two engaged and critical anthropologists will contribute a workshop and presentation on the themes of Anthropology as Education (Mariya Ivancheva) and Anthropology as Life Practice (Caroline Gatt). We will explore through different modes of dialogue and presentation, the conversations we are currently having in our respective areas of engagement, and the honest conversations we need to have to imagine more impactful and transformative anthropological contributions to social change.

Two parts of the colloquium will be available to view live on zoom. The conclusions and insights of the third part, Conversations in/for Action, will be shared after the event on the Interface blog.

Please email Mike Poltorak ( if you are interested in attending via zoom. Can you state the reason for your interest, your current engagements and which part you would like to join? For further details check out

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